Fitting & Wear Instructions


It is essential to get the fit right with our tech suits for maximum benefit. Please pay special attention to our fitting instructions detailed in the following videos.

For more details on fit and care for our nero competition swim wear, click here for a downloadable PDF.


A swimming / triathlon wetsuit should fit like a second skin, tight with some compression. It will have a snug fitting neck to prevent excess water entry and needs to be adjusted properly for maximum flexibility and comfort.

View our detailed instructions for fitting your wetsuit properly at:


blueseventy swimskins are compressive and meant to fit like a second skin. They feature a locking zipper without any leash to prevent accidental unzipping during a race yet allow quick transitions without having to fumble for the zipper head. Simply flip the zipper head down to lock in place and flip it up to unlock. When unlocked you can pull the two sides of the suit apart and the zipper will slide down to unzip easily.